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Round-the-clock care and supervision.
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Midwest Group Living, Inc. is an assisted living home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We make daily living more ideal through our round-the-clock service and one-on-one staff to resident supervision. Our services and facility our outfitted to that of the resident’s needs and preferences so that they are able to have a customized living experience. We see to it that they are well-taken care of through our versatile and compassion-driven staff who are well-versed in providing varied patient care services. Facility care is made more convenient when residents can feel at ease with familial care that hits close to home.


Midwest Group Living, Inc. values the individual’s right to quality living; hence, we made it our mission to provide our residents with the patient care they deserve and the home they need. With round-the-clock care and one-on-one supervision, we can help our residents achieve a successful life and health outcomes. We always go one step ahead so we can pave their path to a quality lifestyle.


Driven by our duty to serve and deliver steadfast care to others, Midwest Group Living, Inc. strives to provide a home where individuals can experience a better quality of life.

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